This Digital Open Studio will be a screening of the video work SWALLOWING A BARBED WIRE.


SA 29.10.2022
19:00 — 20:00 Uhr




Three bodies laying on the floor - each of their heads resting on the belly of another body.

*Disclaimer* Der folgende Text wurde von der Gruppe gemeinsam auf Englisch erstellt. Mara und Team haben sich gegen eine deutsche Übersetzung ausgesprochen, weshalb der Tanzkalender-Eintrag auch auf der deutschen Seite nur in der englischen Version verfügbar ist.

This Digital Open Studio will be a screening of the video work SWALLOWING A BARBED WIRE. During her residency at ID_Tanzhaus, Mara Kirchberg invited Raha Dehghani, Hanna Launikovich, Johannes Schropp, Alex Piasente-Szymański and Gisèle Gonon to participate in a research into the gut and the different ways in which it can be parasitized. The outcome reflects their transdisciplinary practices ranging from choreography, performance and visual arts to sound. The video is an attempt to materialize and give a voice to what is unintentionally or subconsciously ingested in and develops its own life in the gut. It deals with the effects of actual parasites or misplaced bacteria and the unwanted emotions caused by external conditions or events that lead to a disruption of the body’s functionality. It asks how to be dysfunctional and surrender to an uncanny gut feeling. After the screening they will host a discussion about the topics and questions the work conjures up.

A work by Mara Kirchberg in collaboration with Raha Dehghani, Hanna Launikovich, Johannes Schropp, Alex Piasente-Szymański and Gisèle Gonon. 

Unterstützt durch das Residenzprogramm im Rahmen des ID_Tanzhauses Frankfurt Rhein-Main, ein Projekt von ID_Frankfurt - Independent Dance and Performance e.V.