One hour wake-up Pilates

This will be an one hour pilates class to wake up and to get in your body. It is open to every level and body. We will strengthen the whole body, find spirals and mobility around the spine and breath to let go. (Also quarantine/covid friendly) If you want to find yourself afterwards with a melting spine, contact me via email to register.

technique class

SAT 16.04.2022
10:00am — 11:00am


1. Register via email: (name + email adress). 2. Transfer 12€ to my PayPal via friends/family. 3. Get a Zoom Link 15 minutes prior to check in. Notes: Class will be held in English or in German, depending on what’s needed. Minimum of 5 people need to be registered. If you just came from the Ukraine and want to participate, contact me via email. See you!