as part of the Sommerwerft Festival

As a cooperation partner of the Sommerwerft Festival, ID_Tanzhaus Frankfurt Rhein-Main invites you to the "Night of Dance" on two evenings at the Weseler Werft. Together with protagon e.V., they co-curated a program featuring local and regional dance and performance artists who present works from the fields of dance, performance and dance theater in an open-air program.


MON 25.07.2022
9:00pm — 11:00pm

Weselerwerft, Frankfurt am Main

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Program Volume 1:


With the Reclaiming Dance Performance Collective, Keiko Schmitt and Anna Bolender pose questions about the public sphere, participation and the perception of space, inside and outside. The mixed abled dance performance Resonanz><Raum works with the resonance of bodies and spaces and dance’s ability to make things vibrate, to absorb them and thus through exchange with the environment, create room for participation.


With live music by Conni Maly // and (tbc) performers: Ali Thomsen, Catia Faranda, Emmi Esefeld, India Nagler, Janina Krause, Katharina Stengel, Katja Stein, Leila Antary, and Samuel Konrad // Artistic directors: Anna Maria Bolender and Keiko Agnes Schmitt




Behind every word, one can find the personality and charisma of the human being. But what happens happens when words fall silent and non-verbal communication in physical form takes centre stage? Are the true intentions perhaps even easier to fathom without the veil of that miraculous invention of mankind that can be defined in one word: language!

Choreographer and Dancer: Sade Mamedova




"UnFramed," a piece by Nomad Dance Collective, explores antithetical elements of form and content to open a dialogue about the sense of belonging and identity. The identity of an individual and its misunderstandings generate a sense of instability, which is explored in this piece.

Performers: Nano Luque & Beatriz Cubero




The performance plays with the imagination. It questions the idea of a solo body on the stage by embodying different characters/subjects in a series of situations. During the composition of this interplay of words and movements, images emerge and the dance takes place.

Choreography and performance: islam Elnebishy



Check out the program for the Night of Dance Volume 2: to the event page