Workshop to introduce the Tamalpa Life/ Art Process (R)

Come and bring more lightness into your life.


SAT 15.04.2023
10:00am — 5:15pm

Freiraum Bessunger Knabenschule Darmstadt

I have offered workshops in the Tamalpa Life/Art Process (R) according to Anna Halprin both in- and outdoor since Junne 2022 and enjoy their resonance. I understand my workshops as a collective field of creative, healing experiences in which you can find and playfully try out new impulses for your everyday life. I have graduated from Level 2 of my qualification as a Tamalpa Practitioner. Email
In this Tamapla workshop you can rediscover the story of your physical growth. We are going to work with your sense of heaviness and lightness. You can develop new options for your peronal growth, which you can playfully explore and bring more lightness into your life. We are going to work with the media of dancing, drawing and writing. There are no skills in dancing required. You just need your curiosity and joy to dance with others.