Zukunftslabor (Future Lab)

Vier Personen sprechen miteinander.

(c) Seda Demiriz, Future Lab - Visions and directions for the regional independent dance and performance scene

The Zukunftslabor is ID_Tanzhaus Frankfurt Rhein-Main’s think tank for imagining and designing the future together. Register now for the 31. March! 

In the context of a moderated discussion, the Zukunftslabor invites you to discuss pressing issues such as sustainable production infrastructures for the local independent dance and performance scene, funding and resources, availability and distribution of rehearsal spaces, and access to production support and performance venues.

The goal is to develop visions and perspectives together, to find ideas and solutions. We would be happy if you feel inspired to actively shape the dance and performative future of the local scene and get into conversation with us!

What are burning issues for you? 

Since 2021, two moderated Zukunftslabor have taken place. The upcoming sessions and their topics in 2022 have been determined with members of the community and the ID_Tanzhaus FRM team. 

Zukunftslabor are held in English and in German. Participation is open to members of the freelance dance and performance community in Frankfurt Rhein-Main. Participants are paid 25 Euro/Hour (brutto). Contracts and invoices are required, please send your address to produktion@idtanzhausfrm.de right after you registered for the meeting! 

The next Zukunftslabor takes place on Friday, 31 March 2023, 2 - 6 pm, online, on zoom. Register now!

Together with Produktionsbande, this Future Lab session will be on discussing the topic of money in the independent dance and performance scene.
Let’s address the general fear of speaking about money in a professional context and develop concrete points of critique regarding the proposed matrix and the logic of “Honoraruntergrenzen”. 

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Come join us and let's talk about money!! Register now for the 31.03.!

During our two-day online Future Lab in June 2021, the question of the project's name was raised: What could be an appropriate title be for a project as diverse as ours, designed to engage both dance creators and interested audiences? Fifteen freelance, local dance and performance professionals came together in December to discuss this issue.

We broke down the parts of the title: FRM, Haus, Tanz, and ID. We considered how the title is working and where it is failing or generating more questions. We finished by suggesting new titles which led us to brainstorm phrases that could become a tagline, subtitle, or mission statement for the project. These were compiled into a survey and passed around again for further feedback. 

Thanks a lot to everyone who took the time and participated in the survey!

Results are currently evaluated and will be published here.

In the frame of June 2021’s Zukunftslabor, different wishes, visions and needs were discussed by 23 participants. Topics included: Spaces, How to Collaborate, Inner Organization, Sharing Infrastructures, Outreach, and Representation. From these topics, groups worked on developing pitches for the future of the ID_Tanzhaus FRM initiative.

These, as well as 2021 programs, were synthesized into a survey completed by 38 local artists and ID_Frankfurt members. The results were used to develop concepts for Nov. 2021-Dec. 2022.  

Thanks to those who participated. Your feedback is valuable.