What is happening in Peru?

Raising consciousness and donations on behalf of the resistance movement in Peru.

dance, performance, showing, lecture-performance, dance/performance, talk and Discussion

TUE 14.02.2023
7:00pm — 8:30pm

Ostparkstraße 11, 3rd floor; oder Henschelstraße 18 (Eingang Basecamp, 1. Stock)

© Photo: Dirk Rose / PACT Zollverein

Join us for a Y.E.S., raising consciousness and donations on behalf of the resistance movement in Peru at Werkstatt on Tuesday February 14th at 7pm. There will be a showing featuring Peru’s nationally instrumentalized love dances, as seen in the recent production How I Learned to Love, with contributions by Quechua artist and activist, Daniela Zambrano Almidón. A talk on the history of rebellion in Peru will be made by Peruvian performer, Maricarmen Gutiérrez. The proceeds of the event will go through the Belin based group, Fujimori Nunca Más. They support the popular resistance in Peru, self-organized groups and initiatives, that provides: - Support for the regional delegations that are mobilizing to the capital to make their voices heard! - Direct support for the families of those killed and injured during the protests by the brutality of the police and military, among them several children and minors. - Support for independent journalists and photographers, who are risking their lives at the front line to spread the truth not shown by the national and international mainstream media. Down with the media blackout! #takeheart Residency Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR