XE [ZI:]
A transdisciplinary Dance- and Filminstallation

XE [zi:] is a site-specific, transdisciplinary and multimedia dance and film installation in the old Stromwerk Mannheim that deals with gender-neutral language and questions the impact of language on both our gender differentiation and gender identity.

site-specific performance, dance/performance

FRI 21.07.2023
8:00pm — 9:30pm


Nachtmarkt am Stromwerk, Fardelystrasse 1-3, 68169 Mannheim

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Further dates:

  • SAT 22.07. | 8:00pm

    Nachtmarkt am Stromwerk, Fardelystrasse 1-3, 68169 Mannheim

  • SUN 23.07. | 6:00pm

    Nachtmarkt am Stromwerk, Fardelystrasse 1-3, 68169 Mannheim

Xe, Ze, Ve, E, Te, Sie, Thon, Tey, Ey, Per, Peh, Fae….

Language creates awareness and reinforces stereotypes, but what if the vocabulary is not enough to describe one’s identity? Woman, man, both or neither… It is difficult to describe in words what have long been realities. Gender queer, fluid, LGBTIQ+, the conservative division of roles based on biological sex is far outdated. However, do our language and togetherness follow this change? What do words do to us and what influence does language have on gender orientation? How do we experience and perceive people in relation to the pronouns used? How do certain meanings of a word become established and what cultural, political and ethical influence do these have on us and our bodies? Gender socialisation as a construct of society and the inexhaustible existence of each of us beyond the physical body form the central aspects that are the focus of this project.

The dance installation in the rooms of the old Stromwerk and the interactive dance film deal with these themes in an trans-disciplinary and multimedia way.

In collaboration with the dancers (live) Miriam Markl, Cecilia Ponteprimo, Marco Labellarte and Felix Chang

On screen: Lorenzo Ponteprimo, Anthony Selwyn, Llewellyn Mnguni

Speech and Song: João Kreth d’Orey

Sound/Music: Sabio Janiak

Dramaturgy: Angela Wendt

Light und Set Design: Mireille Solomon

Costume Design: Susana Florêncio

Murals: Johanna Denke

Videography: Gothamfotografia

Supported and funded by the Kulturamt Mannheim and our cooperation partners Queer Center Mannheim, Inter-Actions Studio, Dance Professional Mannheim, Theater Felina-Areal, WF Fliesen and Nachmarkt am Stromwerk. The project was partly created at the Inter-Actions Studio in Heidelberg. #StudioActions

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