Improvisation and movement research


SAT 12.11.2022
11:00am — 1:00pm


SYM stands for: together with, conjointly, connection, togetherness. SOMA stands for the body and individual experience. In this sense, SYMSOMA pursues the idea of a moving practice that traces the relationship between being together (SYM) and personal experience (SOMA). SYMSOMA is dedicated to shaping, experiencing and exploring our movement life and gives impulses to discover movement as a multifaceted phenomenon: As aliveness, resilience, as change, as emotional power and energy on a physical, creative and collective level. SYMSOMA focuses on the questions: How do I move? How do I experience movement? What makes me move? How do I move with and through others? Self-movement is world-movement. Self-encounter is world-encounter. What practice is formed from these thoughts? What does responsibility mean in this context. How can we care for others and ourselves as a co-body? Can this be important to ask about? SYMSOMA explores this question through dance and movement and opens a space of exchange, creativity, learning, knowing and perceiving. SYSOMA sees itself as an artistic practice and a field of experimentation related to everyday life.

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Bild oben: Mareike Buchmann (Zeichnung/Bunte Stücke), Bild 2: Foto: De-Da Production

DANCE SESSIONS invite you to improvise and create. DANCE SESSIONS are a combination of different energies, rhythms, speeds and dynamics. Heartbeat, breath, music DANCE SESSIONS are journeys into the inner body. Intimate, personal, quiet, gentle. DANCE SESSIONS are shared journeys that instigate encounters in space. DANCE SESSIONS refine the perception of experienced states. DANCE SESSIONS activate body knowledge, body sensing, body life. DANCE SESSIONS bring joy. DANCE SESSIONS combine dance processes with free writing/drawing in order to trace the inner traces of movement on the outside.

Mareike Buchmann works as a dance and performance artist, choreographer and movement researcher. Her working method combines an intuitive, experimental, explorative and conceptual approach. Characteristic of her practice is the interdisciplinary approach. Her artistic stance is based on empathic responsibility, on moving perspectives and a trusting and empowering togetherness. 2022 Mareike founds the ensemble IDA FLUX. 2021 she invents PINK&BLAU with Lena Kunz. SYMSOMA is born in 2021 and is the name of her dance practice, movement research and body philosophy. Since 2008 Mareike is part of the performance group "Raum (0)". From 2010, she creates solo works and in 2015 she founds the dance and performance ensemble Fiel/IMPUKS. Collaborations with other artists from the independent scene happen regularly and with pleasure. In her artistic dissertation project, which she has been working on since 2019, she is researching the topic "Body/traces/feelings - orienting in movement. A Movement Research." The work is an exploration and deepening of the experiences she has gained in artistic and mediating contexts. These experiences sharpen her artistic profile in the sense of a critical, affirmative and feminist understanding of the body. In addition to her artistic work, she has been teaching and lecturing in the field of dance and aesthetic education for several years: Hessian State Ballet, Paris-Lodron University Salzburg, University Koblenz-Landau, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, mediacampus Frankfurt and in numerous further education and art programmes for dance and performance.

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