Xiexin Dance Theatre


TUE 04.04.2023
7:30pm — 8:45pm

Staatstheater Darmstadt | Großes Haus

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(c) Hu Yifan

In T.I.M.E., Xie Xin and her company, Xiexin Dance Theatre, explore the interplay between memories and time. As the title T.I.M.E. suggests, the four letters construct and reveal the emotional essence of this dance piece: T stands for temperature and teleportation; I for inner self, important moments and imagination; M is about memory and mind, while E refers to energy and emotions. The piece by the exceptional Chinese choreographer is commissioned by the Shanghai International Dance Center Theatre. Choreography Xie Xin Composition Sylvian Wang Dramaturgy Liu Ji Lighting design Low Shee Hoe Set design Hu Yanjun Costume design Li Kun Assistant costume design Zhang Muyu Sound design Jiang Shaofeng, Zhou Yang Dance Xie Xin, Chen Tian (guest artist), Fan Xiaoyun, Ma Siyuan, Wang Shaoyu, Wu Yang, Chen Yalin, Hu Haiqing, Qin Linhao, Li Yu Production Xie Xin Executive Producer Liu He Operations Director Liu Zhonglei Administrative management Lin Hongjun Executive stage management Deng Zhifeng Deputy Stage Management Yang Chao Production and Performance Xiexin Dance Theatre Commissioned by Shanghai International Dance Center Theatre