A dance piece on compositions from the "Early Piano Pieces" by Morton Feldman


THU 13.07.2023
7:30pm — 8:15pm

KunstKulturKirche Allerheiligen

Eintritt: 15 Euro (8 Euro ermäßigt) Länge: 45 min.

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II.) Studio rehearsal of ROTATIONAL DISTANCE II with Mirjam Motzke & Richard Oberscheven

After the successful performances of ROTATIONAL DISTANCE at the Gallus Theater Frankfurt and the Theater Felina-Areal Mannheim 2022 as well as a revival at the KunstKulturKirche Allerheiligen in May 2023, there is now another performance at the KunstKulturKirche Allerheiligen.

Through Oberscheven's process-oriented approach in the choreographic context, ROTATIONAL DISTANCE II sees itself as a further development. It is based on the fundamentals of Edward T. Hall's "public distance zones" and his own observations of physical-/ social distancing in the (post-)pandemic period. Together with the Frankfurt dancer Mirjam Motzke, Oberscheven creates an interplay of rotating movement patterns, axis shifts in the body, points of approach as well as points of contact with and to each other at the smallest and largest distances. The dance is set to compositions from Morton Feldman's "Early Piano Pieces".

Artistic direction, concept: Richard Oberscheven

Choreography: Richard Oberscheven in collaboration with Mirjam Motzke

Dance: Mirjam Motzke, Richard Oberscheven

Music: Compositions from "Early Piano Pieces" by Morton Feldman

Second Eye: Allison Brown

Production: richards choreografic productions

Photo: Maciej Rusinek & Takada Tatsuki

Gefördert durch die KunstKulturKirche Allerheiligen. Mit Unterstützung durch DIE DRUCKEREI - RAUM FÜR TANZ FRANKFURT.

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