Come, share and re-connect!

Open format for dance artists and choreographers active in the region to connect and exchange.


MON 04.04.2022
6:00pm — 8:00pm

Z-Zentrum, Schmidtstraße 12, 60326 Frankfurt

Please register for the meeting either through the facebook event or by sending an e-mail to: dewor@idfrankfurt.com Please, also contact Hannah if you need more information or would like to propose another topic/interest for the agenda: dewor@idfrankfurt.com

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Photo: Hannah Dewor

What is the network meeting? ID_Frankfurt offers this open format in order for dance artists and choreographers active in the region to connect with each other and exchange. The network meeting shall frame a discussion about actual working and production possibilities and conditions in Frankfurt and the region around, the needs of the scene, the creation of synergies and possible future initiatives. Proposed agenda for the event: 1. Checking in: Who is here? Where are we? 2.Introduction to the initiative re-dance Patscharaporn Distakul and Katelyn Skelley will present the initiative re-dance.We are very happy they have time and are willing to share insights into their process, how the project came to life, they will share film material and talk about their future endeavours. 3. Kulturentwicklungsplan der Stadt Frankfurt/ Plan of the city of Frankfurt for cultural development Let us briefly talk about what the "Kulturentwicklungsplan" of the city of Frankfurt is and what it shall contain in regards to the local dance scene. A more thorough discussion on this will be realised in the next future lab of ID_Tanzhaus Frankfurt Rhein-Main. 4. Jobs and opportunities What does the freelance dance scene in and around Frankfurt need in order to be stabilized, strengthened and in order to flourish? What are the projects you are working on and would like to exchange on? Find new partners? If you have topics and wishes to be put on the agenda, please let us know. ID_Frankfurt hopes that you can take part and we are looking forwards to the exchange!