Movement & Sound II. Composition

Dance workshop on the topics of movement, sound, and composition


SUN 25.06.2023
2:00pm — 4:30pm

Werkstatt, Henschelstraße 18, 60314 Frankfurt (Basecamp Schield)

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Maria Kobzeva, Magdalena Dzeco; Photo from „TAKE MY CHANCES“ music video, The Aerial Unit

This time we'll dive deeper into the connection between movement and sound! We will guide you through a composition session, that will activate your creativity muscle as well as both sides of your brain 🧠

In the upcoming workshop, we will find new ways to combine dance and sound, play with time and the group as well as let our imagination guide us! After a warm-up for body and voice, we will explore the different possibilities that movement and sound offer us. We will experiment in different constellations - in a group as well as in pairs and solo 💫

No previous experience is needed in this workshop 🙌🏼

Come to our last workshop in the rooms of the workshop in Henschelstraße 18! 25.06 14:00-16:30 Adults 16+

Register in advance via the link💫

Movement sessions team: Maria Kobzeva, Sandra Domnick, Magdalena Dzeco, Manuel Gaubatz