translates to Goosebumps & Aspen Leaves, a dance for all ages, 8 years and up

A dance piece for everyone, big and small, from 8 years on about fear and how to face it.


WED 16.03.2022
10:00am — 11:00am

Volksbühne Frankfurt

For school classes 2nd-5th grade

Tickets are only available by calling 069-24142437 or info@volksbuehne.net

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Photo: Daniel Blattmann

In the dance performance "Gänsehaut & Espenlaub", Hennermanns Horde deals with the fears of children of primary school age. Supported by a sound and music collage by Gregor Praml, the two dancers Katharina Wiedenhofer and Albi Gika cautiously approach concrete fears such as the fear of spiders, of burglars, of noises, of one's own failure, of the death of a loved one, of strangers, of one's own double or of being excluded, and create moments full of tension but also full of comedy and relief.


Choreography, idea & concept: Célestine Hennermann

Dance: Albi Gika and Katharina Wiedenhofer

Music & composition: Gregor Praml

Dramaturgy: Johanna Milz

Stage & costume: Nathalie Meyer

Lighting: Gregor Knüppel

Production management: Britta Horwath

Management: Alexandra Schmidt/tanzmangement

Hennermanns Horde receives multi-year funding from the City of Frankfurt/M. "Gänsehaut & Espenlaub" is supported by the Hessian Ministry of Science and the Arts.

Further dates:

  • TUE 15.03. | 11:00am

    Volksbühne Frankfurt

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