performance, dance theatre

WED 21.02.2024
11:00am — 12:00pm

Theaterhaus, Frankfurt

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dÄmonen (10+) – Theater Sgaramusch, Schaffhausen (CH), photo: Christian Herrmann

Information on accessibility

Wheelchair-accessible performance room? (No steps or thresholds higher than 5cm, doors at least 90cm wide, wheelchair-accessible toilet, etc.) Yes

Is there an awareness team? Yes

We don't always have everything under control and are not always nice. We sometimes feel sad or angry without knowing why, because: Our demons are a part of us. dÄmonen (dEmons) is the outcome of research with children and young people. The dance performance is bursting with energy, authentic stories and vibrant images. It creates a meeting space in which we ask our demons to dance with us. Piece developed by: the ensemble Direction: Hannah Biedermann Choreography, performance: Ives Thuwis und Nora Vonder Mühll Sound design, music: Johannes Birlinger Equipment: Regina Rösing Collaboration concept, touring-tech: Stefan Colombo Head of production: Cornelia Wolf Flyer: Sarah Infanger with paintings from young adults prohelvetia

Further dates:

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