Silence The main and constitutive element of the retreat, silence opens our sensitivity and listening, essential elements of contact improvisation. The Jam of Contact Improvisation The main practice of retreat, the Jam is designed for people with previous experience in contact improvisation who intend to explore, in addition to the relational, technical, dynamic movement aspects that characterize CI, also the meditative, spiritual, emotional and inner research aspect of the practice.


SAT 25.06.2022
3:00pm — 3:00pm

Location: Monterosi, Anghiari, Arezzo Italien Toscana

Contact improvisation retreats and silence in nature The retreats of silence and contact are designed to create the conditions for a sensitive opening through the practice of movement in contact. “Contact silence” wants to express our research intention with respect to our common creative core and responds to our intimate need.

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Mountain view

The Workshop time will be a creative journey through the actions of listening, sensing, imaging and moving, awakening our perceptions. Connecting to our inner resources and impulses of the moment as a base and seed, to relate through a moving responsive body to the outer world. How to enter into dialogue with oneself and the other? How to communicate ones intentions and boundaries in the dance through touch, through the moving body. Practicing the core principles of contact improvisation, such as weight sharing /exchanging, qualities in touching, sensory awareness and the playfulness of the physical actions as rising and falling, rolling, hanging and sliding, floating on moving surfaces. Continuously learning and refining our skills, while respecting our individual needs and also listening the group energy, will be a constant negotiation. The intention is to create a common ground and space for small dances, poetic and light as for wild dances, dynamic and energetic. Acknowledging various states of communication.

The Focalizers of the workshop will be Britta Schönbrunn and Elisa Ghion 25th-29th of June.

30 June - 4 July 2022 with Elena Colombo and Defne Erdur