Dance workshop by Sandra Domnick & Magdalena Dzeco

You are invited to move with us in the room! 10:30-12:30 children 6-10 y.o. 13:00-15:00 Adults 16+

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SUN 21.05.2023
10:30am — 3:00pm

Werkstatt, Henschelstraße 18, 60314 Frankfurt (Basecamp Schield)

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Manuel Gaubatz and Participants, Movement Sessions

This time we offer two workshops one for children and one for adults. Both deal with the connection between voice and movement. The workshops will be led by Sandra and Magdalena ✨

------ 10:30-12:30 children 6-10 y.o.

Do you have a favorite animal? 🐶🐵🐯🐸 In our next workshop we will work with the motto „colorful animal kingdom“ and dive together with you into the exciting world of sounds and movements of different animals 🦁 There are big and small, fast and slow, loud and quiet animals, which we will explore with you and perform in dance. We will also deal with the animal voices and work out a little story together in which we travel through the animal kingdom to experience many adventures 🐳 Are you already excited? Then come along and bring your friends 💫


------ 13:00-15:00 Adults 16+

In everyday life our body is used in many ways, as well as our voice 🗣️ In the upcoming workshop we will develop a new feeling for the existing connection between voice and body. We start with a warm-up and then explore together the space of voice, movement and rhythm 🎶 With guided tasks we discuss the possibilities of consciously perceiving and playfully using our voices and the body. Among other things, we work with a small choreography and composition, which invite our own creativity 🤸🏻 The workshop will be lead by Magda and Sandra and no previous knowledge is needed 🙌

Movement Sessions Team: Maria Kobzeva, Sandra Domnick, Manuel Gaubatz, Magdalena Dzeco