dance, performance

MON 18.12.2023


Kunstverein Familie Montez


Pay what you can: 5 - 15 EUR

No online reservation, just show up!


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Information on accessibility

Wheelchair-accessible performance room (No steps or thresholds higher than 5cm, doors at least 90cm wide, wheelchair-accessible toilet, etc.)

It is like going away. Like going away and losing one’s way. Like going away, losing one’s way, and leaving a trace. Going away, losing the way, leaving the trace, turning around, looking back, finding oneself, out of line, out of space.

“Back as in backwards” is touching upon the things that stay behind our backs, those that we carry with us or leave behind. Moving along the lines of disorientation of the sense of home, we question how we are orientated as migrant bodies and how we arrive at the places we do, if we arrive at all.

Research, conceptualization and choreographing phase: Nastya Dzyuban, Viktorija Ilioska, Lee Mun Wai

Performed by: Nastya Dzyuban

Dramaturgy: Anneliese Ostertag

Costume: Nikolas Stäudte

Technical and sound support: Aaran Kleebaur Warm thank you to Biljana Tanurovska

Kjulavkovski, Emilija Cockova and Lokomotiva; Frida Laux and the lovely people of

IX ProsorziTé; Ida Kaufmann with Laurin Thomas at Zukunft Tanzt Festival.

Project funded by Stadt Frankfurt am Main – Dezenart für Kultur und Wissenschaft and Kulturamt der Stadt Gießen Research residency organised by Lokomotiva – Centre for New Initiative in Arts and Culture in collaboration with Movement Research, and Dance Department, Film Academy at UGD and as part of Non Aligned Movement project. Residency supported by Trust for Mutual Understanding, National Arts Council of Singapore, Goethe Institute and co-funded by the Creative Programme of the European Union.

Further dates:

  • TUE 19.12. | 7:00pm

    Kunstverein Familie Montez

  • THU 21.12. | 7:00pm

    Kunstverein Familie Montez