Opening of the exhibition "Bits & Pieces put together to present a semblance of a whole".

Step into a world of sculptural artistry like never before at James Banks’s exhibition opening. Join us for a unique performance featuring musician Alex Barth Lopez and dancer Marion Plantey. Experience the magic as sounds from James's studio work come alive, expertly composed by Alex. Watch as Marion's dance transforms these sounds, reflecting the creative process. This performance encapsulates the essence of recreating and creating from what already exists, a loop of inspiration and innovation. Don't miss this mesmerizing journey through art's endless possibilities.

performance, dance/performance

FRI 03.11.2023
8:00pm — 8:30pm

Elbestraße 10 (Hinterhof), 60329 Frankfurt am Main

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James Banks's exhibition is a captivating exploration of sculpture art, where he delves deep into the creative process of shaping and molding the world around him.

For the grand opening of this exhibition, he has orchestrated a performance that promises to be an immersive experience. Collaborating with the talented dancer and choreographer Marion Plantey and the skilled musician and composer Alex Barth Lopez, Banks has crafted a very special event. Alex Barth Lopez ventured into the studio with James Banks to capture the sounds of his artistic work, resulting in the creation of an one-of-a-kind immersive sound library. During the performance, Lopez will skillfully play and compose live music, using these recorded sounds as his instruments. The audience will be taken on a captivating auditory journey as they witness the transformation and formation of these sounds, mirroring the artistic creation process in a novel way. Dancer Marion Plantey is an integral part of this performance, using her body and movements to translate the evolving sounds of materials into a mesmerizing visual expression. Her dance serves as a canvas, showcasing the creative process in a way that words cannot describe.

The overarching theme of the exhibition revolves around the concept of recreating and creating with the existing, finding inspiration in what is already present. In this performance, James Banks, Marion Plantey, and Alex Barth Lopez beautifully highlight this aspect by constantly drawing inspiration from each other's work, resulting in a continuous loop of creativity and mutual inspiration. The audience is invited to witness this dynamic interplay between three remarkable artists, where art truly begets more art, and inspiration knows no bounds.