A Marvelous Life


WED 20.09.2023
2:00pm — 5:00pm

Orber Straße 57, 60386 Frankfurt am Main

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This workshop develops practices and tools that come from a variety of scenic languages such as theater, song and dance in order to create individual and group poetic and performative acts. Special emphasis will be placed on working with objects. The handling of objects is a powerful tool when creating scenic material, developing texts and choreographies from a response/relation. We will work with objects of different sizes and textures, as well as with natural elements. The workshop foresees the training of: direction of attention, development of energy, composition of actions in movement, internal and external listening, stage presence, creation from action/reaction, development of rhythmic sense, vocal scores or onomatopoeias, improvisation, space and individual and group staging. The workshop seeks to be a space to reflect on the infinite abilities that each person can develop, beyond their state of health, and from their “holistic body” as the matrix of the performative act.