Open Calls

E-mail us to add your calls and audition notices:  Kindly send them well in advance of the application deadline.

More open calls, auditions, and job offers are shared daily in the highlights of our Instagram profile @idtanzhausfrm.

TANZPLATTFORM DEUTSCHLAND 2024 (Contemporary Dance Festival)

In February 2024, the next edition of TANZPLATTFORM DEUTSCHLAND will be hosted by Theater Freiburg.

All choreographers, dancers, independent groups and companies as well as venues and production houses are cordially invited to submit their premiere dates between October 2021 and the end of September 2023.

The dates can be submitted using this form.

Job at Frankfurt LAB

Frankfurt LAB is looking for a project coordinator for a certificate course to be developed in "Artistic Interventions in Cultural Education" on a freelance basis from 1st July 2022.

All information on the Frankfurt LAB website.

SOMMERWERFT 2022 Performance Festival

Artists can now apply for Sommerwerft 2022! From 22 July - 7 August 2022, the cultural association protagon e.V. - in close cooperation with our partners - will once again create a space for culture, community and dialogue that inspires, shares and, above all, encourages exchange outside the everyday.

Theatre and dance in public space

From classical street theatre to experimental dance, 360-degree stages to unique formats, our completely open performance spaces offer the possibility of large-scale productions with seated audiences of up to 500. Sommerwerft has offered these performance spaces for the last 20 years, hosting large international productions with up to 3500 spectators.
This format is aimed at performing arts productions created for public spaces and those that can be adapted. Two stage areas are available on level ground:
- One open space 20 x 30 meters
- Floor surface: cobblestones
- Stage area 12 x 13 meters
- Open-air area with backdrop and traverse for light & sound
- Time slot: always Wednesday to Saturday: 21.45 - max. 23.00 h

Applications can be sent via the online portal at or directly to:

Application material: Description of the performance (one A4 page), illustrative material (2-3 photos) or video recording, technical rider and budget.

Application deadline is 1st June.

For further details and information on other performance categories download the Open Call pdf.

Download the Open Call (678 KB)

Impulse Funding for contemporary Dance & Theater

Within the framework of the two national guest performance promotions of the NPN, a new impulse promotion model developed together with the ministries is being launched, which award a grand to projects from the fields of contemporary dance or contemporary theater that promote exchange between regions in Germany where appropriate structures for the qualitative preservation and development of local scenes are lacking in both fields; or projects that involve artists/organizers/networks, etc. from regions where these art forms are too little represented.

The impulse funding for dance & theater is intended to create new, cross-state collaborations that tap development potential in the above-mentioned areas and regions and enable new "tangents" of cooperation.

Application deadline: 17th May (the application form will be available online by the end of April)

ITI Academy Open Call 2022

An empowering programme by the Internationales Theaterinstitut for the next generation of transnational artists and curators.

Is it possible to co-create caring and healing actions by using the possibilities and strategies of the arts? How can global cooperation and collaborations be structured in equality? How can theatre productions and festivals be conceived and implemented sustainably and in solidarity? What structures are needed to realize international festivals and glocal collaborations in small towns and rural areas? 

If you want to engage more intensively with these questions, share your knowledge, deepen your own practice and become part of a supportive and empowering network, apply now for the Fellowship of the ITI Academy.

Application deadline is 10th June 2022.

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ITI Academy Open Call 2022

Download the Open Call (4,36 MB)