A dancefloor meditation practice

dance, workshop

SAT 12.08.2023
3:00pm — 4:30pm

Milchsackfabrik, Gutleutstraße 294, Frankfurt am Main

This Workshop takes place at ZSA ZSA Open-Air 2022 12 August, 15:00-16:30h Milchsackfabrik, Gutleutstraße 294, 60327 Frankfurt am Main

You can continue and reflect the workshop afterwards on the dancefloor, while be accompanied and hold by ambient soundscapes and slowed-down electronics. DJs Moses Joses Naone Vladimir Ivkovic // ZSA

ZSA aims to create an international platform to improve mental and physical well-being with music and dance. We warmly invite you to rest, play, talk, and dance with us. The event is family-friendly and focused on a healthy club culture. Children under the age of 10 receive free admission.

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Dose of Pleasure is a dancefloor meditation practice by Alvin Collantes, a Berlin-based Certified Gaga Teacher, drag performer, passionate raver & nightlife worker.

In 2020, when clubs and dance studios were closed due to the pandemic, Alvin developed a movement practice that curates an intimate online experience, emulating moments shared on dancefloor spaces in Berlin. Over the last three years, Dose of Pleasure has become an evolving practice that questions what it means to share dancefloor spaces, to celebrate diversity and inclusion through the work of the body. What a space like ‘Dose of Pleasure’ reminds us of is that when individuals dive into the sensations of the body in a dancefloor space, and understand how their bodies are in relation to others, it allows for non-verbal communication that speaks to the collective desire to connect, and stands in contrast to ego-centric patterns of consumerism, conformity, and insecurity. In this workshop, we will explore what it means to build dancefloor spaces rooted in sustainability, where bodies can nourish each other through intuitive listening. We will delve into the movement language of Gaga to make the body available for physical sensations and from there curate a collective space where we explore what it means to share a dancefloor space and amplify moments of awe, pleasure, and presence.