ITFT Frankfurt


MON 18.09.2023
3:00pm — 7:00pm

Orber Straße 57, 60386 Frankfurt am Main

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An introduction to Baul wisdom through Mahajan Pada (Songs/poetry), Kriya (dance/movements) and conversation. Bauls are heirs to an ancient path that blends elements of Bhakti Yog tradition, Sahaj. This workshop will be an intimate opportunity to explore the tradition of these mystics and itinerant singers. Baul songs are known as “Mahajan Pada”. Mahajan means a Mahatma, the great soul. Pada means poetry. Yet these are not just poetic expressions, they contain the power of sound. In the workshop, we practice simple movement and breathing known as kriya. The breathing is to generate energy in the body. The workshop will conclude in an FAQ about Baul tradition, its philosophy and practice. Please bring a yoga mat, any musical or rhythmic instrument you have been using for your own music, comfortable light clothing for Yoga, which gives freedom to sit on the floor and for movement, a note book, a pen and a recording device to register the song. Please note: No photo or video except authorized person (after consulting the workshop teacher).