explore the body story of your feet

Walk new ways in your life


SAT 16.12.2023
10:30am — 5:00pm

Friedensraum in der Bessunger Knabenschule in Darmstadt Ludwigshöhstr. 42

I have been offering workshops in the Tamalpa Life/Art Process according to Anna and Daria Halprin since June 2022 and enjoy their resonance. In my workshops I want to create a safe space for your self-experience, in which you can receive impulses for the shaping of your every day life. I have graduated from the level 2 in my qualification as Tamalpa practitioner.


In this workshop we are going to explore the body story of your feet. How do you feet feel today? Which emotions and stories do they carry with them? What do they need now? How do you stand with your feet in life? In the sheltered space of the group you can get to know your personal feelings and emotions, move them and walk new, creative ways and express yourself in dancing, drawing and writing. There is now prior knowledge required, only your joy in movement and creativity.