Verbindungen spüren

workshop, class

SAT 09.09.2023
11:00am — 1:00pm

EMMA&CO Theaterwerkstatt, Goebenstr. 19, Wiesbaden

Mareike Buchmann works as a freelance performance artist with a focus on dance and movement research. She leads the IDA FLUX ensemble and has been active in dance education, research and teaching for years. Mareike understands dance in a broader sense, as expression with the whole body and in all its expressive possibilities. Dancing is the experience of breathing, standing and walking as well as the savoring of energetic and intense movement qualities.The focus of all her formats is therefore an experimental and exploratory approach that invites participants to explore and experience their own movements in dance.


The SYMSOMA dance sessions are an invitation to explore and unfold our own experience of movement. The research begins with ourselves, by getting involved with our body, in the here and now, feeling and curious. This opens up a space in which a deeper understanding of the relationship between self-movement and world-movement can be experienced. In doing so, the dance sessions stimulate in many ways to consciously feel these connections and to discover them as a transformable creative space. Through: - conscious deceleration and stillness - an intensification of perception - somatic and anatomical movement experiments - guided dance improvisation - shared dances - diverse and open suggestions to experience oneself in movement in one's own way The dance sessions combine the moving processes with free writing/drawing to trace the inner movement patterns in the outside. Open to movers with and without experience.