performance, dance/performance

WED 24.05.2023
8:00pm — 9:30pm

Zollamt Galerie, Frankfurter Straße 91, 63067 Offenbach am Main

Entry through the backyard

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Carla Vollmers presents her diploma project, "shed-zone of the unheard question," which synthesizes performance, large-scale sculptures, text elements and sound. The sculptural work consists of humble wooden slats, inkjet and laser prints, nettle, adhesive, and found objects, while the performance intertwines slow, almost static movements with sound and text elements.

Developed in close collaboration with the three performers, the choreography incorporates personal elements through ongoing improvisation. Counterweight and distortion serve as central motifs in both the choreography and sculptures, while emphasizing the simplicity and fragility of materials and movements. On a dreamlike level, "Shed-Zone of the Unheard Question" aspires to reflect upon and question social and societal structures. The work places particular emphasis on emotional accessibility and encourages the exploration of the intricate interconnections of dependence, power, care, and self-deception/self-reflection. Through the integration of performance, sculpture, text, and sound, Vollmers creates an atmosphere that prompts viewers to physically reformulate unspoken questions. Thus, "shed-zone of the unheard question" seeks to generate an experience that intertwines intellectual reflection with emotional responsiveness.

Choreography, text, sound, sculptures, concept - Carla Vollmers

Performers - Luisiana Tesfai, Lena Meral Albrecht, Sarah Altherr

Costume - Second Studio

Dr. Marschner Stiftung