or the escape to Neverland

Dance theater about psychological violence

dance theatre

THU 28.10.2021
8:00pm — 9:30pm



Idea: Katerina Vlasova, Amadeus Pawlica

Choreography in collaboration with the dancers: Vlasova / Pawlica

Dancers: Sandra Domnick, Nadja Simchen

Dramaturgy: Mareike Uhl

Music: David Rojas, Vivaldi

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Bullying and psychological violence may be invisible, but we are all affected. We have all acted as victims or perpetrators and find ourselves sometimes in terrible situations. With their 13th stage piece, and 4th co-production with Landungsbrücken, Vlasova / Pawlica elaborate the topic in a special way. They deal with the question of who is a victim and who is a perpetrator and how to make psychological violence visible. Wrapped in the well-known story of Peter Pan, the boy who doesn't want to grow up, they tell in a sensitive way why sometimes the only way out is to escape to Neverland.

A co-production with Landungsbrücken Frankfurt Entstehung in Residenzen at Freiraum Düsseldorf and ID_Tanzhaus Frankfurt Rhein Main

Sponsored by the Hessian Ministry of Science and Art and the Cultural Office Frankfurt am Main

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