Making your own solo performance


TUE 19.09.2023
10:00am — 1:00pm

Groove Dance Studio

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From autobiographical material to a universal story

This workshop is on the process of creating a solo performance that is based on the autobiographical material of the performer and at the same time becomes universal in order to communicate with the audience. Where to start, what steps to take and what awaits the performer-creator in this work process and personal journey are important steps in this workshop. Karolina will take you through these stages of the creative process and give you an insight into how you can start working on a solo show. Based on her experience and having worked in the theater for more than thirty years, Spaic directed and artistically advised many actors on their way to a solo performance. Anyone who wants to start working on a solo show and sends us a good proposal by the end of October 2023 can come to the ExploreZ festival in Amsterdam in May 2024 and show their work in progress.

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