Here I am - הנני - Hier bin ich.

as a part of UMSICHTEN


WED 29.06.2022
4:00pm — 7:00pm


UMSICHTEN - MADE.INSTALLATION und FILMVORIEHRUNG Exhibition and afternoon cinema CONTAINS 36% NATIONAL COLORS, 36% MOTHERHOOD, 36% IN- and OUT-Breathing, 36% IN- AND AWAY, 36% NATURAL FIBERS. The Hessian independent theater scene has not let the contact restrictions of the last two years get it down. It found creative solutions to gain attention and voice, took detours, tried new things: exciting, hybrid explorations into the neighboring arts - besides digital formats, especially film and video art. After the last two editions of our festival have already opened up into the urban space with outdoor formats, another look beyond the edge of the stage now follows: for the first time, MADE. presents video works and installations in an accompanying exhibition alongside theater, dance and performance guest performances. The palette ranges from documentaries to optical choreographies and scenic essays to TheaterKunstFilm. The topics dealt with are just as diverse - and yet always move within the socially undistanced environment of our festival motto. Enter the panorama of post-pandemic pressure equalization! SCHWARZ ROT GOLD - Budnieskwi/Falkenberg/Gerling/Hillermann/Hütt/Muffler/von Kutzleben MOTHER'S WORK | Determination and Security - Anna Renner HINENI - Gal Fefferman BAUMWOLLBLUMEN GIBT ES - Maria Tsitroudi

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Further dates:

  • THU 30.06. | 4:00pm


  • FRI 01.07. | 4:00pm


  • SAT 02.07. | 4:00pm


Three physically isolated, perhaps weightless performers, take us as spectators on a search for community with their breathing and voices. HINENI is an interdisciplinary exchange between two dancers and a singer, who immerse themselves in each other's professions. It is also an examination of female bodies that take up space with their presence.

PERFORMANCE - Magdalena Dzeco, Evie Poaros, Sophie Wenzel ARTISTIC DIRECTION/CHOREOGRAPHY - Gal Fefferman MUSICAL DIRECTION - Nicolai Bernstein FILM/STAGE DESIGN - James Chan-A-Sue COSTUME - Patscharaporn Distakul AUDIO DISTRICT - Josy Friebel STAGE DESIGN - Tilman Stallknecht PRODUCTION ASSISTANT - Sam Michelson TEXT - Julia Hagen MUSIC - to Swan Song by Fanny Hensel DURATION - approx. 18 min.

Photos: James Cahn-A-Sue

FUNDERS • Hessisches Ministerium für Wirtschaft und Kunst. Unterstützt durch das Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, das Hessische Staatsballett im Rahmen der Tanzplattform Rhein Main sowie die Oper Frankfurt, das Eventlokal Hüttenwerk in Michelstadt und studioNAXOS.

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