performance, site-specific performance

THU 20.07.2023
7:00pm — 8:30pm


saasfee*pavillon, Bleichstrasse 66, Frankfurt am Main

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Every Saturday my aunt would go to a café, eat a scoop of vanilla ice cream, drink a grappa, and watch people. She'd do so for one hour and then go home. "Hearsay" is a performance about dissociative and mediated relations and the familiar frictions of the everyday. Using the garden as a commonplace it confronts the limits of representation, especially in regard to language and the uncertainties it creates.

Concept: Anneliese Ostertag Performance 

Co-development: Katja Chernaneva, Amina Szecsödy, Niki Stäudte

Sound / dramaturgical support: Aran Kleebaur

Costume / dramaturgical support: Lena Appel

Artistic support: Dries Douibi

Documentation: John Hussain Flindt

Special broadcast on Cashmere Radio

Special thanks to: Carina Premer, Rahel Spöhrer, Micha Tsouloukidse, Lou Behr, Bojana Kunst, Martina Ruhsam

With friendly support by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media of NEUSTART KULTUR, DIS-TANZEN of the German Dance Association, the Hessische Theaterakademie and the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen.

Further dates:

  • FRI 21.07. | 7:00pm

    saasfee*pavillon, Bleichstrasse 66, Frankfurt am Main