A concert performance choreographed for all the senses.


THU 17.02.2022
8:00pm — 9:15pm



Notes: The performance uses intense light and sound effects and moments of higher volume

Duration: 70-90 min

All In - no age restriction.

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What happens when everything pauses? People and things, together? Who or what then takes the leading role?

In 'Generalpause', an expansive thicket of metal populates the stage, together with an ensemble of traditional instruments and their boldly modified relatives. In between people move, in the constant contact between bodies and things sounds emerge, rhythms develop, everything starts to groove. Sounds and light spread and transmit, as particles and waves, sparkling, glowing, shining, combining with the hissing, crashing, banging, screeching, buzzing and chirping of things.

'General Pause' is a moving search for new images of making music together, of physically working on and with music, of the dynamic alliance of people and things acting and pausing. A concert performance choreographed for all the senses.

Performance: Yu-Ling Chiu, Friedrich Hartung, Benjamin Hoesch, Yuka Ohta, Diego Ramos Rodríguez, Kristina Veit

Staging: Gregor Glogowski

Sound design: Lukas Nowok

Musical direction/Video: Diego Ramos Rodríguez

Percussion: Yu-Ling Chiu, Yuka Ohta

Choreography/ Dance: Kristina Veit, Laura Hicks

Instrument Construction: Friedrich Hartung

Technical Assistance/ Instrument Construction: August Gabriel Bach

Lighting: Gregor Glogowski, Benjamin Hoesch

Production Management: Carmen Salinas

A production by Glogowski/Hoesch GbR in co-production with Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt am Main and Kampnagel Hamburg. Supported by Musikfonds e. V. with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, by the Cultural Office of the City of Frankfurt am Main, the Hamburg Cultural Foundation and the GVL (Gesselschaft zur Verwertung von Leistungsschutzrechten). The Frankfurt performances are presented as part of the intergenerational outreach initiative ALL IN - FÜR PUBLIKUM JEDEN ALTERS

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