A participative format

»The history of women has been a history of silence.« – Sisters with Transistors


WED 22.05.2024
7:30pm — 10:00pm


Staatstheater Wiesbaden - Wartburg

Content note: Body stories are told. These contain indirect and explicit mentions of eating disorders, body shaming, sexism, ableism, psychological and sexualised violence.

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A female figure sits on the floor in front of a white wall and winds a pink-colored wool thread. Photo Credit: De-Da Productions

Information on accessibility

Is spoken language used in the performance? If so, which one?
German & English

Is there any special light? (Stroboscope etc.)

Are there loud noises?

Are there beanbags?
Relaxed Performance: There are various seating options on chairs as well as carpets and cushions on the floor. Various sitting and lying positions can be adopted and the seat and/or position can be changed at any time.

Do the seats have armrests?

Are there moments of complete darkness?

Are content notes provided for the audience in advance?
There is a personal greeting with a verbal introduction before the performance.

Further information regarding accessibility
The performance lasts 2.5 hours. It is possible to leave the room at any time, take a break and come back.

We are surrounded by body images. We are constantly looking at ourselves and other bodies in the mirror, in our mobile phone cameras and on social media. We are constantly confronted with images of bodies. What does it mean to have a body that is read as female in a patriarchal, capitalist society? Who or what influences it? "Archeology of Body Histories" tells body stories from different female and queer perspectives: voice, sound, text, movement and image interweave to create a participatory performance format on the threshold of performance, workshop and spatial installation, in which you are invited to actively participate in different ways. No special previous knowledge is necessary. All you need is an openness and a wish to participate and listen.

Artistic Direction, sound, performance: Lena Kunz

performance, sound: Mareike Buchmann

Design: Antonia Schön

"Freiräume - Projektstipendium Internationale Maifestspiele 2024" des Kulturamtes Wiesbaden und des Hessischen Staatstheaters Wiesbaden

Further dates:

  • THU 23.05. | 7:30pm

    Staatstheater Wiesbaden - Wartburg

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