with Jason Jacobs

The professional training is aimed at professional dance practitioners (dancers, choreographers, dance teachers and dance students.)


The training room can be used from 09:30 for registration and an individual warm-up. Training starts at 10 am sharp.

Students of MACuP, MACoDe or BATanz don't need to pay
Ticket for one day: 6 euros
Ticket for ten times: 35 euros

Further dates:

  • TUE 22.02. | 10:00am

  • WED 23.02. | 10:00am

  • THU 24.02. | 10:00am

  • FRI 25.02. | 10:00am

The focus for this Profitraining week will be on waking up and getting into a groove. We will implement tools to build awareness of our internal sensations, exciting the nervous system and stimulating our muscles and joints. The class will include technical exercises which promote a soft and easy relationship to moving along the floor, rolling, turning, expanding and jumping. Complex rhythms and visual imagery will offer a dynamic sensorimotor experiences to challenge and inspire your day.

Photograph © Ralf Grömminger